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  • Why migrate to cloud IaaS?
    What was the driving factor for this decision? Or is it because of hype and fear of being left out?? We can help you to decide by understanding existing topology at the same time planning for the future.
  • Is it better to move to PaaS instead of IaaS?
    Does the benefits outweigh the costs? We will do our best to get a better understanding of your application and then provide a suggestion with time and cost benefits.
  • Do you have home (custom) built application and wanted to use only PaaS?
    Well, sounds might be a bad idea given the current trend of tools and technologies in place. Add to the risk of person dependency. We will suggest the best technology to replace the existing one. Example: Client wanted to change a custom application that was built on top of Oracle supplier ( that too as a Framework). Its been there for years Have you weighted the possibilities of creating a new product altogether instead of modifying existing one? which will make your life easier? We can suggest foolproof futuristic tools and technologies.
  • How about SaaS? Is it time to shift entire IT to SaaS?
    Confused in choosing the right technology for your future? Do you have difficulties during every releases or upgrades? Is implementing docker the only solution? Probably not because it still depends on lots of other parameters and you still have better options.
  • Performance Monitoring: Do we need to tune the application or database?
    So much of time is being spent on fixing issues. Most of them are due to performance. Usuall solution is plan for upgrade (Hardware/Software) is this the solution? Maybe not unless root cause has been identified and fixed.
  • Data on Demand: Which is the ideal Database for your product or project?
    When was the last time this was evaluated? There is still attitude of some company to not "change" anything since nobody knows the impact its been there for years why change now?
  • Hiring: Does Hiring the best talent with whatever pay need of the hour?
    The idea is Anybody can do this role is the mantra of your Org?? Both are the extreme ways of recruiting the best way to find ideal canditate with right attitude.
  • Recruiting: Ok, how good is your interview panel? What is their goal?"
    Are they looking for a "Bright" canditate who knes all the features of the software or do they look for what is required for the project ? How many of them are trained to behave in a panel?? All these are important since you are recruiting someone who is going to play a pivot role. Most of the large companies think it doesn't matter but it does at a certain point and its too late then. So why not have an informed panel with clear understanding of what is required and how to evaluate in case if they couldn't find the required canditate.
  • Training: How many trainings does your employees attend and how well they are applying it?
    Most of the trainings are exhaustive like "Advanced R", "Python for Everything". There is no point in learning everything rather learning what is required for the project is the key.
  • Data Analysing NOT Analytics: How often do we analyze data? Why do we have to??
    Usually team analyzes the data whenever their job fails because of (input) junk data. Data can be analyzed to predict the trend and also be prepared for the worst. We provide exhaustive reports including costs involved and expected outcome of this. We do explain clearly justifying our suggestions but that can happen only after understanding your existing architecture. To know more talk to us...
  • DevOps Methodology: Have you decided Dev-ops the ideal methodology for your project? Again what was the deciding factor?
    Is it because the Development team and Operations can work together which will make all the releases easy ( as defined by the term ). What about support projects with very few people and are working in silos ( due to pandemic ) how does Dev-Ops work here? In this situation, is it worth spending on tools for Devops?
  • Design: What is there to revisit redesigning of the system
    When was the last time someone reviewed the entire architecture of the product/project. Was it even necessary? What future provisions or thinking were made during initial build then and even now?
  • Innovation: Is writing a cron job or automating the schedules an innovation?
    For many companies this is the innovation they provide to their clients. Do you want to be like them or understand what innovation is actually is and how it could change the way things work.
  • Creativity: What is it? Why do we need it?
    Is this identifying the job that is causing the batch job to fail or not complete in time. Again this is what a typical company do, all troubleshooting have been named as creativity. According to Edward Bono it is the process to challenge the existing system why it was designed back then and think a better way for the current and future needs.
  • Communication or Colloboration?
    Many projects have gone haywire because of mis-communication within the teams? How to colloborate and deliver in multi-vertical within the organization? Improper structuring is the root cause of this how could this be fixed?
  • What is the Prerequisite before migrating?
    Identifying grey areas..
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