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    video - Gartner Mobile Enterprise Strategy with Paul DeBeasi

    The media tablet market did not exist in early 2010. But now, millions of workers use these tablets in the enterprise every day and the tablet market is just the tip of the mobility iceberg. Just below the surface lies a torrent of innovations that include mobile applications, social media, mobile health, cloud computing, mobile payments, interconnected machines, mobile collaboration, and wireless technologies.



    video - Welcome to the New PC Era
    Communication is changing. Location and devices are no longer important. Choice is everything - leave your desk and seamlessly pick up the conversation on the device or application that you want. Welcome to the New PC Era!



    video - The Personal Cloud is Transforming Communications 
    Michel Emelianoff discusses the Personal Cloud and how it is transforming the way you and your business communicate.



    video - Video Sharing for the 21st Century
    Share and view user generated content with Alcatel-Lucent's OpenTouch Video Store. Any Employee. Any Device. Any Format. Any Idea. Anywhere!


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    1. Securing our Future Energy - with IOT

      Securing our Future Energy - with IOT

      Is our Oil Production Too Reliant on Big Data? Are “Digital Oil Fields” Vulnerable in a Big Way? The ‘digital oil field” is growing dramatically. In 2011 the market was about 18.7 billion. By 2014 it had grown to 24.6 billion dollars and at this rate of growth it is projected to be at 33 billion by 2022.

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      Mentions: ABI Research
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    1. Five steps to successful deployment of 802.11ac

      Five steps to successful deployment of 802.11ac

      It seems that every year there is a new flavor of 802.11 for wireless devices. This year is no different with 802.11ac, the newest standard for next-generation Wi-Fi. However, what makes this latest wireless standard important to deploy is its ability to support next-generation wireless devices that greatly exceeds the past 802.11 releases. The multiplying numbers of users and their numerous devices and applications demand gigabit speed, increased capacity and reliability that 802.11ac delivers. 

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    2. The Emerging Requirement of User Experience

      The Emerging Requirement of User Experience

      It was not so long ago that justifying an IT purchase decision based on user experience could get a CIO laughed out of the boardroom.  Cheaper, better, faster – these have always been the go-to adjectives in IT environments, but not user experience.  Criteria such as cost, bandwidth, and throughput are tangible and easy to measure, which means they fit nicely into a spreadsheet. 

      Clearly technology has evolved.  User experience matters. 

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    3. BYOD in the Enterprise - What's next?

      BYOD in the Enterprise - What's next?

      Bring your own device (BYOD) may be an overused term but it’s not under used or overlooked by most employees, and many businesses. BYOD saw a rise in popularity about the time Apple released its iPhone 3 and the iPad first generation. And who could blame a person for wanting to bring in their new shiny toy to the office and actually use it?

      Fast forward over a handful or more years and we’ve grown beyond the worries of “can I use it for work” to the expectations of “you need to make it secure so I can ...

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    1. So now we're even overlapping . . . and we've had conflicts.
      By Justine Vick
    2. With help and insight from our engineering staff, we recognized the problem quickly and moved into the action of making the shift from IPv4 to IPv6 so that we didn't run into problems internally or externally.
      By David Huberman

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