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Creative Working



Computer Programming
Core Skills


Client relationship management

Project Planning - what to capture other than the requirements.

Pre-Sales - How man hrs can be related to Tools and technologies effectively. 

Testing- How to build test cases.

Data Architect - Understand Data.

Budgeting - Find dependencies.

Training - Train the team what is needed.

Data Security - Masking of PI and other data

Database Management - How to use the 

Technical Support - 

Cloud Management - Is it required to move in to cloud. 

Debugging - Tools you need or simple ways to 

Risk Assessment - What can go wrong

SW Methodologies - How to choose that is ideal for you.

Business Consultation
Our Vision

To Simplify things by Providing better services and solutions.

How to simplify - involves greater collaboration and a deeper understanding.
Where to simplify - begins with wherever opportunities exist.
When to simplify - things look complicated.



I'm an IT consultant having 20 yrs of experience from various domains and technologies.
Innovated many new approaches like effort estimation templates, checklists for deliverables and much more saving a fortune for clients and projects.
Having a good understanding of Databases and Cloud technologies making the entire stack.
I've demonstrated deep expertise as a Data Architect, Sr DBA, Data Analyst, On-site Coordinator and also in Pre-Sales all catering to client & business needs.
I have been part of a team migrating to the cloud after understanding project dependencies and studying all possibilities.
I'm good at identifying tools and technologies for any project/product.

Please refer to the FAQ page for more detailed views on various stages and processes.


500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158  Tel: 123-456-7890

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