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    2. Wi-Fi connectivity the tip of the technology iceberg for K-12 schools

      Wi-Fi connectivity the tip of the technology iceberg for K-12 schools
      ...o its main role of preventing users from doing things they should not be doing. The explosion of devices from BYOD and use of IoT make securing the school environment more difficult, especially as the number of skilled I...
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    3. Enterprise mobility: Byod, Emm, and new security approaches

      Enterprise mobility: Byod, Emm, and new security approaches
      ...e development in the Android marketplace, so that's where we'll initially spend a bit of time investigating." BYOD -- or, in more locked-down enterprises, COPE (Corporate-Owned, Personally Enabled) -- is here to stay bec...
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  1. Unified Access from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise = seamless user experience
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  3. About BYOD

    The consumer driven “bring your own device” to work (BYOD) is a clear example of the evolution occurring in the enterprise today. This trend of using social networks, mobile devices and increased visual content redefines the way people communicate and collaborate at work. It represents the expectations of employees, partners and customers for a quality user experience.

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    1. However, more and more personally owned laptops are entering the work environment as IT organizations become more flexible with the BYOD culture.
      In 4 Mobile Security Predictions to Help CIOs Plan for the Future
    2. However, the business case for BYOD needs to be better evaluated.
      In 38% companies will not provide devices to employees by 2016!
    3. It's clear BYOD support will continue to grow so the industry conversation must evolve from
      In Spiceworks Survey Finds SMBs Favor BYOD but Cite Security Concerns