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    2. Planning for the Best UC Experience? Follow the Millennials

      Planning for the Best UC Experience? Follow the Millennials
      ...y become. As UC continues to evolve under the UCStrategies definition, “Communications integrated to optimize business processes,” I can’t help but think where UC will ultimately end up and what it will look like. Tools ...
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    3. Why Business “Collaboration” Needs Federated UC

      Why Business “Collaboration” Needs Federated UC
      ...es that definition instead of “communications.” Why? Because people are now interacting with online automated business processes, both from mobile devices and desktops, and thus business communications are no longer just...
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    4. The Fallacy of UC

      The Fallacy of UC
      ... are limited to the consumer--then think again. These apps have business uses as well. Communication Enabled Business Processes--a term that was used several years ago, left the scene and is now back. When you take a b...
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    5. Two UC Perspectives – Byod End Users and Business Processes

      Two UC Perspectives – Byod End Users and Business Processes
      ...to play. Today, we are seeing communications becoming both mode and location independent, as well as enabling business processes becoming contact initiators that can generate event-based, personalized “notification” mess...
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  1. Unified Access from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise = seamless user experience
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  3. Quotes about Business Processes

    1. Digital business models will rely on unstable business processes designed to shift as customer needs shift.
      In IDG Contributor Network: Projecting the Internet of Things' massive potential impact on business
    2. We traditionally have started with the communications process first, but we need to start with the business processes first and then through communicating with users figure out how we give them the communications capabilities to enhance their existing BP [Business Processes].
      In 83% Say Customer Service is Becoming a Strategic Differentiator
    3. People treat the PMO like it's a black box and they want magic from it. Because they don't want any of their own business processes to be affected.
      In IT: Don't let the CEO wonder what you do all day