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    1. 13 Collaboration Tools for Small Business

      13 Collaboration Tools for Small Business

      From in-person meetings to online videoconferencing, technology has made communicating with employees and clients easier and more affordable than ever. Whether you connect using a software, mobile app or social media, here are 12 collaboration tools to consider for your small business. 

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    2. Three-Quarters of Students Say More Tech Would Improve Their Learning

      Nearly six in 10 students (56 percent) would feel more comfortable being in a digital class than an in-person class and almost three-quarters (74 percent) report that they'd do better in their courses if only their instructors would use more technology. For example, 61 percent of students said learning would improve for them if their homework were more interactive, containing elements such as video.

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    3. Embedding Communications in Applications

      Embedding Communications in Applications

      The key to more utilization is to embed the UCC capabilities into the applications and business processes we use to do our jobs, making it easy to access these capabilities. If UCC becomes a natural part of the way we work, and is part of the applications we use to do our jobs, then its usage will skyrocket.

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    4. PanTerra Adds Click-to-Communicate Features to SmartBox

      PanTerra Adds Click-to-Communicate Features to SmartBox

      SmartBox-UCC lets customers streamline management for several cloud services, which are all operated through a single unified platform.

      According to Panterra, Smartbox UCC lets you access and use your files, documents, content, and real time communications from a mobile device, with security and multifactor authentication.

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    5. UCC: We are at the Strategic Inflection Point

      UCC: We are at the Strategic Inflection Point

      Knowing that we are at the UCC Strategic Inflection Point, doing nothing is not an option, even just for simply staying alive. As the CIO or IT Director, your user community is ready for UCC, and already using individual UCC functions as consumers (such as IM/chat a.k.a. texting, presence a.k.a. friends lists, and video conferencing a.k.a. Facetime et al). This is that moment in time to begin adopt UCC into your IT arsenal.

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    6. Has The Weather Disrupted Your Enterprise? No Problem – Time To Leverage UCC

      Has The Weather Disrupted Your Enterprise? No Problem – Time To Leverage UCC

      The inclement, severe weather we have been a witness to and a part of is a form of Disaster Recovery.  For me, UCC is the answer for communication amongst all in any organization.

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    7. Bye Bye Offices For Knowledge Workers!

      Bye Bye Offices For Knowledge Workers!

      A leading article in the Los Angeles Times described a dramatic office space development being undertaken for the headquarters of a major international real estate brokerage firm.  It reflects the converging changes in computer technology and communications that make employees less location dependent, especially traditional office knowledge workers.

      Unified communications and digital collaboration tools integrated into an employee's personal cloud will not only convert non-productive commute times into periods of productivity, but the business cost per employee will be reduced. 

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    8. User Experience Reigns

      User Experience Reigns

      Many UCC vendors are realizing that in order to increase end user adoption, the user experience must be simple, intuitive, and relevant to their work and tools.

      It doesn't matter how cutting edge a product is if it's not used on a regular basis by the end users. Vendors and end user organizations each have an important role to play in increasing user adoption and increasing the value of UCC to everyone involved.

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    9. Use of unified communications grows: DiData and Ovum

      About 78 per cent of businesses have a strategic plan and budget to implement some components of UC and collaboration (UCC) components, while 42 per cent of decision makers have a budget to proceed with investment in most aspects of UCC, according to a study conducted by Dimension Data. The study was commissioned by the ICT services and solutions vendor, Dimension Data, and conducted by research ...
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