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    1. Software-defined networking touches every industry segment

      Software-defined networking touches every industry segment

      There’s an inside joke in the software-defined networking industry that “SDN” stands for “still done nothing.” People say that because despite the tremendous hype around SDN, many customers remain confused about what it is, how to deploy it and what the benefits are. This is particularly true in the data center where the stakes are high and any kind of mistake can cost an organization millions of dollars.

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    2. Clock watching – guests want hotel wifi connection within seven minutes

      Clock watching – guests want hotel wifi connection within seven minutes

      Nobody in the industry still denies that providing a free connection to customers is as important a consideration as room towels or running water.

      And countless surveys mention the expectations that hotel guests have when it comes being connected when they stay at a property.

      But to what extent is that guest obsession to remain tied to the outside world via the interweb?

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    3. IoT: Driving the Need for IPv6

      IoT: Driving the Need for IPv6

      It's impossible to open up the Sunday flier for a major electronics store without seeing ads for smart thermostats, coffee makers, refrigerators, and even light bulbs and crockpots. The notion that nothing is off limits when it comes to IP addresses has taken the world by storm.

      As Internet of Things devices multiply, the lack of readily available IP addresses will become critical.

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    4. Myth-busters: Hotel Wi-Fi Edition Part 1

      Myth-busters: Hotel Wi-Fi Edition Part 1

      Poor Wi-Fi is a loyalty opportunity lost in hospitality today.  80% of guests will not return if they have a bad technology experience. According to the New York Times, even luxury hotel guests registered a 65 point drop in guest satisfaction when having to pay for basic Wi-Fi. 

      But it is not as simple as it sounds for hotels to deliver a high-performance guest Internet experience. It’s expensive for hoteliers while at the same time, guest willingness to pay for Wi-Fi is declining.  What is a hospitality provider to do? 

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    5. Looking for something nearby? Wi-Fi Aware could find it for you

      Looking for something nearby? Wi-Fi Aware could find it for you

      A new feature of Wi-Fi could help people find both each other and things nearby, without even being near a hotspot. The group that puts the Wi-Fi badge on phones, laptops and countless other gadgets is now starting to certify products for Wi-Fi Aware, a way for apps to make their presence known to devices nearby. Because it’s peer to peer, the system works anywhere there’s more than one Wi-Fi Aware device.

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    6. The Network Is Everything

      The Network Is Everything

      As we now know, when John Gage, the long-time chief researcher at the former Sun Microsystems, coined the phrase, "the network is the computer," he wasn't shooting high enough...the network has become much, much bigger than the computer. It's evolved into the very heartbeat of business.

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    7. Aruba Networks Hopes to Make Rain With Microsoft Lync

      Aruba Networks Hopes to Make Rain With Microsoft Lync

      Aruba Networks announced that its 802.11ac access points (APs) are the first to be certified under the Microsoft Lync Server Wi-Fi qualification program. The qualification includes both indoor APs, as well as Aruba's outdoor APs.

      Lync deployments are on the rise and the Lync-certified products from Aruba give customers a strong Wi-Fi platform to cut the cord on IP phones without worrying about performance.

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    8. Juniper hones product development for cloud, intelligent networks

      Juniper hones product development for cloud, intelligent networks

      The Juniper Development and Innovation business unit (JDI) was formed under new Juniper CEO and his Integrated Operating Plan.

      The IOP is intended to refocus the company on high growth segments in the networking industry, streamline R&D and go-to-market programs, drive efficiencies in all areas of company operation, and return capital to shareholders.

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    9. U Tulsa Implements Campus-Wide Enterprise WLAN

      U Tulsa Implements Campus-Wide Enterprise WLAN

      The University of Tulsa has upgraded to an enterprise-class wireless local area network, which will provide ubiquitous wireless coverage across two campuses and other distributed buildings.

      The university needed to upgrade its WLAN to meet the increasing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) demands of students and staff. "BYOD is a very large issue, and wireless is no longer a convenience — it's expected from our students and staff."

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    10. A Little More Voice (and UC) Over Wireless LANs

      A Little More Voice (and UC) Over Wireless LANs

      Voice over WLANs is still a challenge, but the Open Networking Foundation and the Wi-Fi Alliance are working on fixes.

      Back in 2008, I published a book titled Voice over WLANs--The Complete Guide, and now 6 years later it seems the topic is coming back around. VoWLAN had already caught on to a minor degree in certain industries like health care, hospitality and big box retail using purpose-built Wi-Fi phones. However, the idea is catching its second wind for the broader market with the growing adoption of UC. The challenge increases with UC in that the idea is to use ...

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    11. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise to Address the Network Application Challenge with New Access Switch, Added Analytics and Sdn ...

      Interop 2014, Las Vegas, NV, Apr 3, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - The Enterprise division of Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) is today unveiling new technology to address the challenges created by pervasive mobility and the explosion of new applications being introduced within enterprises.

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    12. UC Over Wireless LANs

      UC Over Wireless LANs

      Much to my surprise one of the big topics at the Lync Conference last month and at Enterprise Connect last week was the idea of supporting UC users, particularly real time voice and video users, over wireless LANs. 

      While the situation is somewhat rocky on the UC over WLAN front at the moment, things are starting to move in the right direction. Problems like stickiness and the need to incorporate QoS and call admission control in WLANs to support voice were recognized years ago by companies like SpectraLink who made voice over WLAN handsets, but ironically, they now need to ...

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    13. Sanity Check: Converged Networks Require Work

      Managing change is challenging when dealing with converged networks.

      Managing change and keeping up with the factory publications on what's working or not working on specific hardware is challenging. We've taken methodical sweeps, checking and rechecking the details in the programming of the hardware; and the road to consistency isn't necessarily paved or designed to be smooth.

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  1. Unified Access from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise = seamless user experience
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