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    1. ​Network On Demand is now a thing

      ​Network On Demand is now a thing

      Cloud. Arguably, THE biggest buzzword in the technology industry of all time. So when would you say the first cloud was deployed? In the mid-2000s when Amazon and Microsoft announced early versions of its AWS and Azure products? Some people may even argue it was the 1990s when VPNs came into existence.

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    2. Your enterprise network – on demand

      Your enterprise network – on demand

      Today, companies and firms, whatever their size or business model, need to stay connected. However, the cost of their network equipment is often not in line with their real use. Obtaining a network infrastructure that meets business demands and adapts to their actual needs is an important challenge. Keeping costs in line with the ups and downs of the business is also an ongoing challenge.

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    3. Be penny wise and never pound foolish again!

      Be penny wise and never pound foolish again!

      As I pointed out in my last blog, businesses are looking at and moving to “as-a-service” models so that they are no longer being held hostage by their network. This concept of pay-per-use is quickly becoming the norm for the IT industry.

      To take advantage of this, you need to first research the differences between the various providers such as the services they offer and just how much equipment you need upfront and on premises before you can start to benefit from this pay for use concept.

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    4. Are you being held hostage by your network?

      Are you being held hostage by your network?

      Are you being held hostage by your network? If you answered “no,” then maybe you haven’t really thought about it.

      It's likely that you are tightly restricted by the very infrastructure that is supposed to support your business and help you succeed.  It’s supposed to make your life simpler, not harder.

      Maybe, it is a simple as changing from buying a network infrastructure and having to keep updating it, to using someone else’s that is expandable upon demand, but costs you little while not in use. Changing your budget from capital expenses to one of operational ...

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    5. Alcatel Lucent Enterprise brings pay per use to the network

      Alcatel Lucent Enterprise brings pay per use to the network

      It seems like we can buy almost anything as a service today. Servers, storage, applications and collaboration can all be purchased using an “as a service” model. Recently Sprint introduced both Workplace and Mobility as a service to add to the growing portfolio of consumption-based products. In our consumer lives the Amazon button turns consumer goods into a service. The one piece of technology that’s still difficult to buy as a service is the network.

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    6. NewsFlash: IT has become critical to higher education!

      NewsFlash: IT has become critical to higher education!

      I’m a traveling man so I have the luxury of hearing views from schools across North America on technology in education. 

      From my travels I see that higher education information technology has reached an inflection point—the point at which the trends that dominated thought leadership have motivated early adopters and are now cascading into the mainstream.

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      Mentions: Unified Access SDN
    7. What’s the future of UC? (Part II)

      What’s the future of UC? (Part II)

      UC id helping mix the three core elements of transformations – or evolutions – namely consumerization (whereby user demand rules everything), technology advances and economic models. 

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      Mentions: BYOD Mobility
    8. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise LAN portfolio rated "Very Strong"

      Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise LAN portfolio rated "Very Strong"

      This rating was based on the solution's innovative network analytics, new BYOD and Unified Access capabilities. Also influencing the result was the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise operating System (AOS) that offers built-in, solid security features, and a uniform command line interface (CLI) that is used across the entire portfolio - from campus to data center switches.

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    9. Six Reasons Customers Select Our Unified Access Solutions

      The Gartner Unified Access Magic Quadrant and Data Center Magic Quadrant give insights into why customers choose Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise over the competition.

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    10. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise to Address the Network Application Challenge with New Access Switch, Added Analytics and Sdn ...

      Interop 2014, Las Vegas, NV, Apr 3, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - The Enterprise division of Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) is today unveiling new technology to address the challenges created by pervasive mobility and the explosion of new applications being introduced within enterprises.

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    11. Interop the buildup to something exciting!

      Interop the buildup to something exciting!

      A week out from Interop and no one is resting. These busy times make for a flurry of activity.

      There’s more excitement than usual surrounding the event, since we’re using it to launch the next phase of our unified access strategy. Unified access is a big deal to both users and IT staff. For too long, wired and wireless networks have been treated as two effectively independent networks. As you can imagine, this causes a lot of headaches both for users (who want and expect seamless performance regardless of device used) and for IT staff (who end up ...

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    12. 2013 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference | Alcatel-Lucent

      2013 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference | Alcatel-Lucent

      Discover the Universal University campus. See live demonstrations of solutions that can transform campus life & differentiate your school at booth 1436, to gain insights on:

      • BYOD & Universal Access
      • Interactive Digital (Campus) Signage
      • Safe Campus
      • The Visual Campus


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    13. Visionary in Magic Quadrant for Wired & Wireless LAN Access

      Visionary in Magic Quadrant for Wired & Wireless LAN Access

      The converged campus solution from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has been positioned as Visionary in the 2013 Wired and Wireless Access Magic Quadrant

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  1. Unified Access from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise = seamless user experience
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