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    1. DDoS a top security and business issue, study shows

      DDoS a top security and business issue, study shows

      Dealing with data under GDPR CIO interview: Jim Downing, Metail How CIOs can apply IT supplier management skills to digitisation Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are often used in conjunction with other forms of cyber attack, but on their own can have a devastating impact on business, a study shows.

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    2. The real reason shadow IT is so widespread

      The real reason shadow IT is so widespread

      At your company, who’s responsible for what technology is bought and implemented?

      It’s a critical question, with deep implications for how your company leverages technology to get things done and drive competitive advantage. A recent survey from Spiceworks takes a stab at answering this question. But while the survey offers a number of insights, it leaves out perhaps the most important constituency in the procurement process.

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    3. Looking Globally To Solve Local Health IT Problems

      Looking Globally To Solve Local Health IT Problems

      Interoperability may be a struggle in the US, but we’re not alone, says Mitch Josephson of KLAS, who believes there’s great potential for countries to collaborate to solve our most pressing health IT issues.

      Source: Looking Globally To Solve Local Health IT Problems on healthsystemcio.com - healthsystemCIO.com is the sole online-only publication dedicated to exclusively and comprehensively serving the information needs of healthcare CIOs.

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    4. Software-defined networking (SDN): What businesses need to know

      Software-defined networking (SDN): What businesses need to know

      The ever-increasing reach of cloud computing is resulting in more and more businesses adopting as-a-service models. Shares As more and more systems move to the cloud, so we’re becoming increasingly used to accessing all systems on an as-a-service model. Networking is no exception to this and by using software-defined networking businesses can break away from the restrictions imposed by old, inflexible static network architecture.

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    5. IoT security guidance emerges

      IoT security guidance emerges

      More than a year ago, an eye-opening RAND study on cybersecurity comprehensively explored just how vulnerable the Internet of Things (IoT) is and was going to be.

      Afterthought-style patch-on-patch security, as well as significant vulnerability risks involved with slapping internet connectivity on previously non-connected objects, were among the startling findings and predictions in that report.

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    6. How companies can deal with insider data theft

      How companies can deal with insider data theft

      To learn that your company's confidential data was stolen -- not by any hacker, but by an employee -- is a nightmare scenario that no one wants to face.

      But it's also a risk that's very real. The recent arrest of a former NSA contractor suspected of stealing classified government files is just the latest high-profile example, and security experts say all companies need to be on guard against potential insider threats.

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    7. What #MadeByGoogle really means

      What #MadeByGoogle really means

      Google announced some cool consumer electronics devices at its San Francisco event yesterday hashtagged #MadeByGoogle: Google Home personal digital assistant, two new flagship phones under the new Pixel brand, Chromecast Ultra (capable of 4K video), Google Wi-Fi, and a VR headset for the Pixel phones. The usual sales channels—Verizon, Best Buy and Google Play—will distribute them.

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    8. Here are 6 super security tips to help protect iPhone 7 users

      Here are 6 super security tips to help protect iPhone 7 users

      The launch of the iPhone 7 was Apple enthusiasts’ stand-out moment of 2016, with another swathe of new fans entering the iOS fold. But how can users truly be secure? In early September, Apple revealed what we called the “biggest overhaul to the iPhone line-up in three years”, with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus bringing the line’s processing power and camera capabilities to a new level.

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    9. The race to secure the smart connected future

      The race to secure the smart connected future

      Of the many challenges which stand in the way of digital transformation today, one of the most pressing is security, and failure to address cybersecurity could result in a slowdown in the adoption of smart, digital practices, according to Wael Mohamed, President and COO of Trend Micro. The security threat landscape is changing, Mohamed noted, both in terms of the range and number of systems that are potentially at risk, and the severity of the threats.

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    10. Higher Ed Cloud Adoption on the Rise

      Higher Ed Cloud Adoption on the Rise

      Cloud investment is mostly expected to grow next year in higher education; 81 percent of IT leaders or professionals said their institutions would be increasing spending on cloud computing in 2017. Sixty percent said they're integrating cloud thinking into their IT strategies. But it will take a few more years before the majority of applications in colleges are running in the cloud. Today 39 percent of apps are cloud-based; by 2021 it could be closer to 62 percent.

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