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    1. Data strategy: Healthcare industry puts big data, AI to work

      Data strategy: Healthcare industry puts big data, AI to work

      A well-crafted data strategy is key to enhancing patient experience and controlling healthcare industry costs, according to Bill Gillis, CIO at Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization.

      In an interview at the recent CDM Media CIO Boston Summit, Gillis discussed how data can be used to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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    2. Securing our Future Energy - with IOT

      Securing our Future Energy - with IOT

      Is our Oil Production Too Reliant on Big Data? Are “Digital Oil Fields” Vulnerable in a Big Way? The ‘digital oil field” is growing dramatically. In 2011 the market was about 18.7 billion. By 2014 it had grown to 24.6 billion dollars and at this rate of growth it is projected to be at 33 billion by 2022.

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    3. Three things hoteliers need to know about machine learning

      Three things hoteliers need to know about machine learning

      When it comes to hospitality analytics, it’s hard to ignore the recent airtime devoted to and levels of interest in the topic of machine learning. The industry has been humming with how machine learning, specifically, helps hoteliers streamline much of their current time-constrained, manual processes – freeing up valuable time to focus on their revenue strategy in the process.

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    4. IDG Contributor Network: How to plan your successful cloud migration

      IDG Contributor Network: How to plan your successful cloud migration

      Recent Accenture Strategy research found that four out of five companies run up to half of their business functions in the cloud. That figure is likely to increase significantly over the next few years. The research reveals that a clear majority of business leaders see the cloud platform as a critical enabler of greater innovation and competitive edge.

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    5. Top 5 skills needed for the industrial IoT

      Top 5 skills needed for the industrial IoT

      Over the next five years, the demand for IT workers will get a big boost from an unlikely source: manufacturers looking for networking pros who can help them run the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

      Manufacturers in the US, Germany, Japan and China are on the cutting edge of something called Industry 4.0, which is digital transformation applied to manufacturing – bringing with it all the change, opportunities and challenges that represents.

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    6. Cloud computing is winning EVERYTHING

      Cloud computing is winning EVERYTHING

      Everyone knows that thoroughbred racehorses typically get funny, exotic names—from Hit It A Bomb to Paulassilverlining. But who knew there was a horse named Cloud Computing, let along that nag would snag the second jewel in the 2017 Triple Crown?

      It turns out The Preakness Stakes winner was a 13-1 long shot, but it doesn’t take an expert handicapper to see that the technology platform is becoming a prohibitive favorite.

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    7. 3 Tips from HITEC on Choosing the Right Hotel Technology | By Fee Naaijkens

      3 Tips from HITEC on Choosing the Right Hotel Technology | By Fee Naaijkens

      As an independent hotelier, you don't want to buy 10 different hotel technology solutions. You need to spend your money wisely, and invest only in those technologies that will add value to your business and, importantly, grow your profits. But how can you know which hotel technology will accomplish this?

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    8. How to decide between cloud, on-premise and As-a-Service

      Although vendor-written, this contributed piece does not advocate a position that is particular to the author’s employer and has been edited and approved by Network World editors.

      Deciding whether and how to use cloud computing is a complex, and made all the more complicated by the overwhelming number of vendors and products. What’s more, hybrid and multicloud approaches blur the lines between the cloud and on-premise deployment options.

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